We provide top speed, high quality English translation services for materials related to PMDA consultation meetings. Following turnaround is guaranteed once the order was placed. Because of our unmatched translation speed, your overseas expert / colleagues can gain extra 1-2 days for the preparation of responses to PMDA inquiries / preliminary opinions, which is significant advantages for successful PMDA consultation meetings. Moreover, the same translation expert will be in charge throughout the process, which ensures the consistency of translation. For details, please refer to our original book entitled, “Complete Guide for PMDA Consultation Meetings.”

 PagesGuaranteed timeFixed cost
PMDA inquiriesUp to 10 pages6 hours$100/page
PMDA preliminary opinionUp to 6 pages6 hours$100/page
Consultation recordUp to 6 pages6 hours$100/page
Complete package for a PMDA consultation meetingBriefing Document, PMDA inquiries / preliminary opinion, sponsor response, meeting record, bilingual PowerPoint slides, etc. Fixed cost of $20,000 for 200 pages or less. Beyond 200 pages, $100 is charged per page.
Note: The number of pages is based on original documents and not our translation output.